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Posted by on Apr 19, 2014 in The Great Outdoors | 0 comments

See Beautiful Rock City Barn

See Beautiful Rock City Barn

See Rock City Barn

I love this old barn with the billboard roof: “See Beautiful Rock City, Atop Lookout MT, Chattanooga, TN

I remember as a youngster going on trips with my family throughout the midwest and seeing “See Beautiful Rock City” on the roof tops of barns as we drove through the countryside. My Mom, my sisters and I would always point them out to each other when we spotted them.

There is still one such barn very close to where I live. I love to look at it anytime I drive by, but never stopped to take a photo.

On a gloomy, rainy day in April, I finally decided to stop and take a photo.  A young girl came riding by on a three-wheeler and I just waved my camera as to say why I was there.  She just smiled and kept going.  I’m sure this happens quite often.

This barn is located on U.S. 45 in Johnson County between Metropolis and Vienna.  Hope the owners keep it for many years to come.

See Beautiful Rock City Barn

See Rock City Barn in Johnson County, Illinois

We did actually make it to Look Out Mountain in Chattanooga, Tenn. on one of our family adventures  – beautiful view there!

Please leave a comment if you have any See Rock City barn stories…

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