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Posted by on Dec 7, 2014 in Home Decor | 0 comments

Simple Ideas for Holiday Decorating

Simple Ideas for Holiday Decorating

This year, we are celebrating Christmas in an apartment and my MANY boxes of Christmas decorations are in storage. So, I just pulled out a handful of items and here’s what I put together for a Simple Christmas.

Add ornaments to a baking tin.  Use treasured family pieces for a meaningful decoration.

Add ornaments to a baking tin. Use treasured family pieces for a meaningful decoration.

In the kitchen, I pulled out a treasured aluminum muffin tin that my Nana gave me many years ago.  She would make us sweet treats at Christmas and then let us keep the pan.

It is nice and shiny so I filled it with with a few inexpensive glass ornaments. I have some beautiful vintage glass ornaments that belonged to my other Grandma, but unfortunately they are still in storage. Those would make this the perfect Christmas memory and decoration. I’ll have to use them next year. But either way, my both of my grandmothers will be with me in the kitchen.

Snow Women Vintage Puzzle on  Simply Angies

This is a puzzle that my parents gave me back in the 1960s when I was a little girl. I’m so glad that I have kept up with it for all these years! I proudly display this cute box at Christmas. I put this puzzle together every year, and I especially love the description on the back.

It reads: “ It’s a ‘girls night out’ for the snow woman set, and these lovely ladies have put on their best hats for the occasion. It is quite embarrassing to the others to be seen with one who has the nerve to wear a neck scarf around her hips, but what can you expect from a snow woman with two stomachs?”

This is my first Christmas away from my parents, so I love it that I have this keepsake from them to remind me of all the wonderful family Christmases that they provided for me and my sisters.

christmas tree with shells

This is the first Christmas along the Gulf Coast for Bill and I together, so I decided to do something to incorporate a few items from our area.  I picked up a basket of shells a few months ago when we visited the Gulf of Mexico near Holly Beach, La. I added a few shells underneath this table top tree and some on the branches as well.  I think the shells look a little bit like mounds of snow.  I used all white and silver ornaments in keeping with this theme.

christmas tree with pelican

I also love this picture of my sister and I playing in the snow when she lived in Idaho. I think Christmas time is always a good time to pull out treasure family photos.

gift bag with stamped snowflakes

Here is an idea for a gift bag.  Just take a brown craft gift bag and rubber stamp it with snowflakes. I used brown and olive green ink to stamp my snowflakes. Who would have thought brown snowflakes would be so pretty? Then I cut two pieces of newspaper into flower shapes and colored them just a little with an aqua pen (from Stampin’ Up.)  I twisted the two pieces together in the middle and then stapled  it to the bag. Add some olive green or natural tissue paper and you’ll have a unique gift bag.

I hope you are finding some simple and fun decorations for your home.

Happy Holidays everyone!



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