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Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Around the House, Simple Living | 1 comment

Vintage Holiday Headboard

Vintage Holiday Headboard

We are in a new home this holiday. Actually, I guess I should say that we’re in an old home that is new to us. Anyway, it has been fun to decorate a new place for Christmas!

Vintage Holiday Headboard made with old doors, burlap twine and keepsake ornaments

One of my favorite holiday decorations is this headboard in our master bedroom. We took two old doors that were no longer needed and made a headboard. Then I strung a few pieces of burlap twine across it and hung several of my keepsake ornaments from my childhood and later years.

Vintage angel in milkweed pod and pine cone elf Christmas ornaments

My grandmother, Nana, made this angel ornament for me when I was a just little girl, over 45 years ago. Isn’t it unique? The paper angel is nested inside a milkweed pod. Nana gave my sisters and me ornaments every year, and I still have them all. My mother made the cute pine cone elf ornament for me. She has always been creative, too.

Vintage ornaments hang from burlap twine on headboard made from two rustic doors

The Noel letters were given to me by a very special cousin and his wife. In years past I have hung them from my mantel, but they show up really well here against the old white doors.

Vintage building block Christmas ornament. My grandmother made it from blocks my Dad played with as a child.

One year Nana took building blocks that my Dad played with as a child, and made ornaments from them. This block is over 70 years old.

Cute Reindeer made from wooden clothes pins

Mom also made this cute little reindeer from clothes pins.  The song book ornament is another from Nana.

Vintage ornaments hang from burlap twine on headboard made from two rustic doors

Every year I like to showcase some of my most treasured ornaments in a different way, other than hanging them on the Christmas tree. I really love the way this turned out!



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Posted by on Jul 20, 2014 in Around the Yard, Simple Living | 0 comments

Painted Garden Rocks

Painted Garden Rocks

Painted Garden Rocks

I love making creations with rocks.  I always pick up rocks wherever I go, and save them for whatever creative project pops into my mind!

Here are some fun garden rocks that I painted this summer.

Painted Garden Rock - Basil


Painted Garden Rocks by Simply Angies

I applied patio paint with a brush for background and various designs and then used paint markers to write the names of the plants. Both can be easily found at Michael’s or other craft supply stores.


painted rocks in flower pot

These were so fun to make, and I think that look nice and colorful in flower pots, too!

painted garden rock

Are you ready to make a few?


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Posted by on Feb 20, 2014 in 3 Simple Steps, Around the House, Simple Living | 0 comments

3 + Ways to Use a Closet Door Organizer

3 + Ways to Use a Closet Door Organizer

Got way more stuff than places to store it?

The back-of-the-door-organizer could be your answer!  You can find them at a store like Bed,  Bath and Beyond and they attach to most any size door.   Here are 3 ways that I use them:


1.  If you have a pantry door in your kitchen, use one here to keep spices, straws, plastic ware and lots more at your finger tips.  The pockets work great for holding drink, soup and dressing packets that don’t stack easily on a shelf.

doororganizercraft.jpg2.  They also work great for storing craft supplies. Tuck in your yarn, patterns, crochet hooks, knitting needles, stamps, ink pad, ribbons, etc. You’d be surprised how much stuff these babies can hold!

door organizertshirts.jpg

3.  My husband likes to “roll” his clothes, which is actually a pretty neat idea. So we have one on the inside of his closet door.  This organizer can hold 36+ t-shirts –  way more than he really needs!  You can also store socks, too.

I like these door organizers so much that I can’t stop at 3 uses!   I  also have one the back of the door that leads into the basement – it’s the perfect place to store flash lights, extension cords, electrical adaptors, light bulbs, etc.

One more idea: if you go on a cruise, throw one in your luggage. In a small cabin, it provides handy storage for all your toiletries and miscellaneous items.

Please let us know if you have other great uses for these organizers.


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Posted by on Feb 16, 2014 in Around the House, Simple Living | 0 comments

Clever Use For A Storage Crate

Clever Use For A Storage Crate

If members of your family have special wool socks like we do, you know that it is best to wash them separately in a special detergent and lay flat to dry. Sometimes it’s hard to find enough space to dry lots of socks, so I use a storage crate.



Drape the socks through the slots and sit near a heat vent and you are done!


Do you have any cool uses for storage crates?

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Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in Home Decor, Simple Living | 0 comments

Playing with Pumpkins

Playing with Pumpkins

I love adding pumpkins to my front porch when Fall is in the air!


I found these unique pumpkins on a recent trip to Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  They have a growth on the outside that kind of looks like peanut shells.  Very unique – I’ve never seen these before and I love them!  I stacked the “Peanut Pumpkin” on top of a “Cinderella Pumpkin” and put a little burlap in between.  Sat them on top of an old Shabby Chic chair that I love, mixed in a little driftwood and this colorful display of nature welcomes visitors to my artisan boutique, Angie’s Originals.

20130923-153102.jpgThe smashed looking “Cinderella Pumpkins” were available in many colors.  Again, this is something I had not seen before here in the midwest.  I wish I would have had room in my trunk to bring back lots of these!

This topiary at the florist in Ocean Springs was made with a grapevine wreath on bottom and artificial moss in between the pumpkins. Very cute!

How do you decorate with pumpkins?

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