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Hi, I’m Angie and I simply love all things creative!

Angie in Store

I am a happy girl when I can create things, visit with customers in my boutique, discover cool tips, and enjoy outdoor adventures with my husband.  And… oh yeah… did I mention that I am a Social Media freak?!  (It is nearly impossible for me to sit on the couch without a phone, computer or iPad in my lap.)

Soooo… I am pouring all of my addictions into this blog where I will share creative ideas and simple tips with you. It is my goal to save you time by identifying simple tips that could be beneficial to you… and your small business, if you have one.

When I’m not writing here, I’m either working as a marketing assistant for Stine Home+Yard,  managing Massac Beeswax or consulting with small business owners.

Angie and BillWhen my work is done (and even when it’s not) I get to spend time with a man that I adore. Does this sound simple to you?

Well… not always, but I’m counting on this adventure to help me to discover new ways to simplify my life.  So come on! Let’s discover some simple things together!