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Posted by on Mar 13, 2014 in Simply Social Media | 2 comments

Make A Collage for Your Facebook Page

Make A Collage for Your Facebook Page

Make a cool cover collage photo for your Facebook Business Page or your personal Facebook page. It’s easy with Pic Monkey!

1. Go to and choose the collage icon.


You will be directed to select the photos you want to include in your collage.  Select your photos from images saved on your computer. (You can add them one at a time, or hold down the CTRL key while you select multiple pictures to add to the editor.)

pic monkey 1

Click on blue color square “Open Photos” to continue to add as many photos as you want to use.

2. Select Your Layout.
Once all your photos have been imported, click on the Layout icon on the left.  This reveals all of the different layout options available.  Click on the Facebook Cover Photo option.  Now you will see different collage designs – choose the one you wish to use.

pic monkey 2

3.  Add Your Images to the Layout.
Click on the Image icon to get back to the photos you imported earlier. Then drag and drop your photos into the locations you wish.

pic monkey 3If you want to add more photos than slots provided, just drag your photo in the place you wish to add it and the editor will add an additional slot for your photo.  If you want to delete a photo or photo slot, just hover over it and click on the X that appears in the top right corner.

If you wish, you can edit your photos.  Hover over any photo and an Edit button appears.  Select Edit and you can make changes to your photo such as zooming or flipping or rotating the image.

4. Save OR Add Text.
When you are satisfied the the photo layout – and do NOT want to add any text – you can hit Save. (Skip to #5.)   If you want to add text to your collage, click “Edit” at the top to finalize the photo collage and send to the text editor.  Then Click Open in Editor.

pic monkey 4

Click on the “Add Text” button at top left.  A block of text will appear on your collage.  You can drag this to whereever you want your text.

pic monkey 6

Choose which font you like, pick a color for your text and adjust the type size by sliding the indicator on the horizontal bar.  Just remember to NOT place text along the bottom left where your profile picture will overlap your cover photo.

There are plenty of other bells and whistles on the sidebar if you want to experiment further. Many of these features you could use when editing a single photo.

5. Save Your Collage.
Once you have all of your text added, click on Save at the top.

pic monkey 7

You can give your collage file a name.  Pic Monkey gives you three quality settings to choose from – three names of monkeys, I guess!  I usually just pick the middle one.  Choose where you want to save it: I always save it to my computer.  If you use Drop Box, you can save it there.

pic monkey 8

6. Upload to Facebook.
Now you are ready to upload your cool new collage to your Facebook Page. Hover over your current Facebook cover photo until you see the “change cover” option. Upload  your new photo and you are done!

pic monkey final slide



  1. Very informative and easy to follow tutorial.

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