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Posted by on Feb 21, 2014 in Angie's Originals Artist Creations | 0 comments

Soap Can Be A Work of Art, Too!

Soap Can Be A Work of Art, Too!

If I were to tell you what item I get asked about the most in my boutique – it would probably be the small, soft and fuzzy things that smell so good…

Felted soaps.jpg

“What ARE these?  What do you DO with them?”

They are Felted Soaps! Yep, Felted.  I had not seen them before I opened my shop, but have carried these by several artists over the years. And, they are so cool!

Tam PirrmanTam Pirrman makes her goat milk and honey soap from all natural ingredients. She and her family operate River to River Farm in Johnson County. Her soaps are made with olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, goat milk and honey.

After Tam makes her soaps, she covers them with all natural sheep’s wool and works the fiber together by hand to create her “Felted Soap Stones.”  So as you use the soap, it’s like having a soap and washcloth all in one. As the soaps gets smaller with use, the felted wool shrinks down with it.  Pretty neat!

She adds lavender and other natural items and fragrances to many of her soaps.

Goat milk and honey soaps.jpg

More and more people are looking for products made from all natural ingredients.  Perhaps you are one of them.


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Posted by on Feb 20, 2014 in 3 Simple Steps, Around the House, Simple Living | 0 comments

3 + Ways to Use a Closet Door Organizer

3 + Ways to Use a Closet Door Organizer

Got way more stuff than places to store it?

The back-of-the-door-organizer could be your answer!  You can find them at a store like Bed,  Bath and Beyond and they attach to most any size door.   Here are 3 ways that I use them:


1.  If you have a pantry door in your kitchen, use one here to keep spices, straws, plastic ware and lots more at your finger tips.  The pockets work great for holding drink, soup and dressing packets that don’t stack easily on a shelf.

doororganizercraft.jpg2.  They also work great for storing craft supplies. Tuck in your yarn, patterns, crochet hooks, knitting needles, stamps, ink pad, ribbons, etc. You’d be surprised how much stuff these babies can hold!

door organizertshirts.jpg

3.  My husband likes to “roll” his clothes, which is actually a pretty neat idea. So we have one on the inside of his closet door.  This organizer can hold 36+ t-shirts –  way more than he really needs!  You can also store socks, too.

I like these door organizers so much that I can’t stop at 3 uses!   I  also have one the back of the door that leads into the basement – it’s the perfect place to store flash lights, extension cords, electrical adaptors, light bulbs, etc.

One more idea: if you go on a cruise, throw one in your luggage. In a small cabin, it provides handy storage for all your toiletries and miscellaneous items.

Please let us know if you have other great uses for these organizers.


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Posted by on Feb 16, 2014 in Around the House, Simple Living | 0 comments

Clever Use For A Storage Crate

Clever Use For A Storage Crate

If members of your family have special wool socks like we do, you know that it is best to wash them separately in a special detergent and lay flat to dry. Sometimes it’s hard to find enough space to dry lots of socks, so I use a storage crate.



Drape the socks through the slots and sit near a heat vent and you are done!


Do you have any cool uses for storage crates?

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Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Angie's Originals Artist Creations | 2 comments

Purses, Purses, Purses!

Purses, Purses, Purses!

We love purses!   Do you?

Here are a few of the cool bags we offer at Angie’s Originals.

Unique Fair Trade Purses

Look closely below…   yep, you guessed it…   they are soda tabs!  But can you tell what else?

Cool Soda Tab Purses

Would you believe the black leather-looking section on this purse is actually recycled tire material?  Pretty cool, eh?  I carry the large square purse quite often and always get tons of compliments on it.

These next two purses below are by Jane Plain, from right here in Southern Illinois.  Each purse is constructed with heavy durable fabric and a leather strap. We are always excited to see what new designs “Jane” delivers to our shop!

Handcrafted purse with leather strap by Jane Plain at Angie's Originals

Beautiful fern purse with unique leather strap

Selected purses are available in our online Etsy Shop.  If you see a purse you’d like to make your own, but it’s not in our Etsy Shop, just contact us and we’ll make special arrangements for you!


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Posted by on Feb 4, 2014 in Angie's Originals Artist Creations | 0 comments

We’re hosting a Business-After-Hours!

We’re hosting a Business-After-Hours!

Angie’s Originals is happy to host an event where fellow business representatives can gather together to network, form relationships and support each other’s businesses.  That’s what the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce Business-After-Hours is all about!

Stop in after work and enjoy refreshments and visit with friends – you might even win a prize!

Business After Hours is Open to Everyone – you don’t have to be a Chamber member to attend.  We hope to see you!

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