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Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 in 3 Simple Steps, Reuse/Recycle | 0 comments

3 Steps to Turn Dryer Lint into Something Useful

3 Steps to Turn Dryer Lint into Something Useful

Ever wondered what you could do with dryer lint, besides throw it in the trash can?

I have been keeping my dryer lint for the last couple of years thinking that surely there was something “crafty” I could do with it.  (Yep, that is the way my mind works.)   I have come up with a cool  project –  and it only takes 3 things!

We try to find ways to recycle lots of things around our house.   I had a shelf full of vases in my basement (that I could not bring myself to throw away.)  So I sat one out on my dryer, and started filling it with lint!  (It looked kinda cool, actually, and sort of reminded me of the days when I used to make sand paintings as a kid…all the layers of color.)

20131010-094104.jpg So – after you have a vase full of dryer lint – here’s what you can do:

Make a Fire Starter:

All you need is three recyclable items.
1.  A newspaper
2.  A toilet paper center
3.  Some dryer lint


Stuff your lint into the roll.


Roll up the stuffed toilet paper roll in a sheet or two of newspaper.


Twist the ends like a candy wrapper.


And WahLah! (not sure how you spell that)  You have a fire starter!
Simple and Handy – My kinda thing!


The dryer lint is highly flammable, so this works great.  Tuck the fire starter beneath the small twigs you use to start your fire and light the newspaper.

We have a fire pit in our back yard, and go camping, too.  So I keep a basket of these on the back porch at home, and can throw in a couple with our camping gear when we go on an adventure.


And here is another idea – make Fire Starters for Christmas!

Instead of wrapping in newspaper, wrap in Christmas wrapping or stamp brown craft paper (or recycled brown paper bags) and tie ends with Christmas ribbon.

These would make a cute little gift and you could display them in a basket on your fireplace hearth.  What do you think?

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